Are your hiring managers negatively impacting recruiting outcomes?

Hiring managers are critical to filling hourly jobs. Your hiring managers probably started on the frontline as an hourly worker - they know your business operations inside and out, and they're the face of your brand to both employees and customers. And now, they have more responsibility than ever before, from employee safety concerns to managing the bottom line.

But, are they equipped to recruit and hire? Hiring managers continue to face obstacles when tasked with filling open positions, not to mention finding the time amidst competing priorities.  On top of it all, they're often handed down disjointed, legacy technology to use to navigate outdated recruiting processes.  As labor markets get increasingly competitive, keeping up with the demands of hourly hiring will only get harder for managers. 



It's time to remove the obstacles for hiring managers.

The inability to hire the right people [fast] is about more than just having unfilled roles - it creates a burden on your business and impedes your ability to compete. The good news? The training, technology and process improvements that can help your managers free up time and recruit more effectively already exist.  

This eBook explores the 4 biggest obstacles that are holding hiring managers back from recruiting effectively, and outlines practical ways you can improve how they approach hiring.

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