Let's write a new story.

This isn't your average corporate video.  We created something with a little humor and nostalgia to tell a story in a new way (and hopefully, get your attention).  Let's start a new conversation about something we all should care deeply about - creating dignity, communication and care for hourly job seekers. 

The Frustrated Job Seeker

For far too long hourly job seekers have faced inconvenience and frustration - a hiring experience that requires logins, laptops, emails, uploads and duplicative data entry. We've deemed hourly workers essential to our economy, isn't it time for a candidate experience that delivers care and kindness to hourly job seekers?


The Overwhelmed Hiring Manager

Your hiring managers feel completely overwhelmed - they're not HR experts or recruiters, but need to keep their business running with great people. They have more on their minds than ever before, from safety to enabling new operating models, let's give them a helping hand in hiring. 


The Pop Music Superstar 

We think differently when it comes to hourly hiring, so we wanted to do something different - THIS is how we do it. Lucky for us, Montell Jordan jumped in to help us tell our story and make it a little more exciting (and, a lot more cool). 

p.s. If your coworkers catch you singing 'tryin' to get a good job is so berzerk' later today, credit Montell (and, tell them to watch the video). 

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